Current Volunteer Opportunities


Adult Volunteers Needed
Make a difference in a young person’s life
by being a part of the Religious Education Catechetical Team

Our goal is to give our youth an experience of faith that is as fun, spirit filled, and as fruitful as possible. The difference between achieving this goal and not is based on your participation.
We cannot achieve this without your help.

At this time, we do not have enough catechists and volunteers on our Religious Ed and Confirmation Programs and we ask you to greatly consider volunteering. We are looking for adults to teach and assist in our classes. We will provide training, materials, and all lesson plans for you. You don’t have to do this alone. Faith formation for our youth will not be a reality without enough volunteers, so please consider and pray over volunteering in this rewarding ministry.

Our youth are very capable and ready to fall in love with God and his Church. They are ready to run the race, to fight the good fight. But they will not know how, unless someone is there to show them and guide them on that journey. We ask that you answer that call to be that someone for our youth.

Training for Adults Volunteers for Sacramental Preparation (year 1 & 2):
August 14, from 6:30PM-7:30PM

Adults Volunteers Luncheon for grades 1-12:
September 7, from 10:00-12:30PM

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Andrea Avila at:
religioused@sanrafaelparish.org or call (858)487-0491

PARISH PICNIC VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! | Msgr. Dennis would like to invite all parish families to an afternoon of fun at our 11th Annual Parish Picnic at the Rancho Bernardo Community Park on Sunday, September 8, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.  Hosted by the Knights of Columbus, you can expect great food, cotton candy, snow cones, kids entertainment (including Clown Yoohoo), jumpers, music and much more, all for FREE!  As in previous years, this is Msgr. Dennis’ way of showing his gratitude to all parishioners for making San Rafael so great!

The Knights could use help at this event with setup, serving, supervising jumpers, and cleanup!  If you are interested in volunteering at the picnic, please sign-up at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TCu-8HqLR6yFUW6IwV1PWpwGJKfAzWTortIyJsPjKyk/edit#gid=997368728 or send an email to kofc.sanrafael.events@gmail.com.

ALTAR SERVERS NEEDED! | Altar servers have the distinction of serving at the altar during our Masses.  Their presence fills a vital role in the service.  Through the actions they perform they enhance the understanding of the Mass and so the love of God.  They have a place of honor at Mass because they assist the priest in many ways.  If you are 4th grade or older, and have received the Sacrament of the Eucharist, we are asking you to think about becoming a part of this ministry.  Summer is a good time to become familiar with server responsibilities.  If you are interested, please call Ms. Jackie at (858)487-4314, ext. #1227 and we can begin the process.

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS NEEDED | Would you like to be the hands and feet of Christ, and bring Communion to the Homebound on Sundays? We have a beautiful ministry that needs volunteers. You would be assigned six Sundays every fourteen weeks (scheduled ahead of time) to be a Eucharistic Minister for parishioners who are at home and can’t make it to church or to Catholics residing at several assisted living facilities in Rancho Bernardo. Training would be provided. Please contact the parish office at (858)487-4314 if you would like more information.  You will be touched by the gratitude of our Catholics in the community.

Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound Video

OFFERTORY VOLUNTEERS | Would you like to bring up the Offertory at Mass?  Are you celebrating an anniversary, birthday or have always wanted to bring up the Gifts of Bread and Wine?  Sign-up sheets are available on the lime green clipboard on the ledge behind the cry room.  Or, you can e-mail May Pidding at may.pidding@gmail.com if you forget to sign up at church.  Please leave your phone number so we can call to remind you.  Please to be sure to wear appropriate church attire.

USHERS NEEDED – ALL MASSES | The Usher Ministry is looking for men and women volunteers over the age of 18 to join our ministry for each of our weekend Masses.  The primary duties and responsibilities include helping seat people, collect the offerings, selecting parish members to take up the offertory gifts, providing orderly direction to receive the Eucharist and aiding the elderly and disabled during Mass when necessary.  This is a great opportunity to serve with very little time commitment required,  and to make a profound difference in bringing the parish community together to be closer to God.  There is no better way to say yes to God than to understand the importance of this ministry and join our team.  Please look for us at the Usher Ministry table after each Mass in front of the church on September 14th and 15th to get any questions you may have answered by current Usher captains.  You can also contact Frank Aloisi at (951)764-0055, or by email at frank.aloisi@abbott.com for more information about our ministry.

LECTORS NEEDED | Are you called to proclaim God’s Word?  Do you want to serve the Church and San Rafael by bringing the living word of God to our parish community?  Are you comfortable speaking in public and can you be clearly and distinctly heard and understood?  If so, please consider joining the Lector Ministry of our parish to help strengthen the Faith by proclaiming the Scriptures at Mass.  Please contact Deacon Ward Thompson in the Parish Office at (858)487-4314 to learn more about this important and fulfilling ministry.

VERONICA’S LADIES | You may have wondered who are Veronica’s Ladies?  We are a group of San Rafael women who volunteer organizing and hosting receptions for parish events (such as giving families a place to gather after a funeral Mass, for parish missions, for the Mass of Remembrance, for farewells, etc.).  We were originally called the “Reception Committee,” however, in memory of our founder, Veronica Coleman, we are proud to call ourselves “Veronica’s Ladies.”  Sometimes people view volunteers as people who sacrifice their time to help others.  Well, in some ways that is true; but the benefits of volunteering are really a blessing to those who volunteer.  You learn something new, you strengthen your compassion for others, you have a new sense of purpose in life.  You make new friends, have a sense of accomplishment, in combats loneliness and most important, it can be fun and make your life more fulfilling.  You will have an impact on our San Rafael Community.  Please consider becoming a Veronica’s Ladies volunteer.  Contact the parish office at (858)487-4314 and leave your name and contact information.

BULK MAILING HELPERS | Volunteers are needed several times throughout the year to assist the parish office in preparing large mailings for the post office.  Volunteers help stuff, seal, label and sort envelopes into trays. If you would like to help, please email Cheryl Danzl at bulletin@sanrafaelparish.org.

LUNCH WITH FRIENDS, ANYONE? | Please join with us, the members of The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, for an unforgettable experience of serving lunch to our friends.  We will be serving at Brother Benno’s facility in Oceanside on Tuesday, October 18, 2019.  We need between 8 and 10 people for our visits.  You do not have to be a member of St. Vincent de Paul to join us.  If you are interested, please contact Bill Miller at wmiller25@sbcglobal.net or Georgia Nally at bargeonally@yahoo.com with your email address and phone number.  Thank you for your commitment to serve our friends in need and it is sure to be a day you will remember.


Volunteers Information and Requirements

The Diocese of San Diego has established a new system for training and background screening volunteers.  It will be centralized now through a website called CMG Connect.

If you are a volunteer who regularly serves in a ministry where you have unsupervised contact with minors, (such as catechists, co-catechists, classroom assistants, field trip drivers and chaperones, retreat helpers, etc.) you are required by the Diocese to complete the Diocesan Safe Environment Training and undergo a basic background check.

If you are a ministry volunteer who does any driving on behalf of the parish (for example, driving another parishioner to and from Mass or parish meetings or off-site activities, running errands to pick up supplies for an event, etc.) you are required by the Diocese to complete the Diocesan “Be Safe – Drive Safe” Online Defensive Driving Training Course.  After completing the online course, volunteer drivers should also complete the Volunteer Driver Form and turn it in to the parish office.

If you completed any of these Diocesan training modules or a Diocesan background check on or after September 1, 2016 using the new CMG Connect website, you do not need to do it again.

Any volunteer who did the training and background check prior to September 1, 2016 will need to complete both the training and background check on the new CMG Connect website as soon as possible.

CMG Connect

CMG Connect User Instructions

All volunteers under the age of 18 must have parent permission and be supervised by an adult.  Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Kitchen volunteers should read and review the following:

San Rafael 2017 Protocols for All Kitchen Volunteers

Diocesan Safe Food Handling and Storage Guidelines

County of San Diego’s Food Handler’s Guide to Food Safety

The County of San Diego also offers an online Foodhandler Program.  While this course is not required, it is highly recommended for those parish volunteers who routinely supervise other kitchen volunteers during events at San Rafael in which large quantities of food are prepared and served.

Please contact Cheryl at (858)487-4314, ext. #1226, if you have any questions or need additional assistance.