Manage Your Giving Online

Did you know that you can manage your giving online?  Giving online is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions, make changes and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

 Simply follow these easy steps:

Click on the Online Giving button below,

Click on the “Create Profile” button, located on the right of the screen.  Please note: you will need your parish envelope number to successfully create a profile.  If you do not know your envelope number, please call the parish office first at (858)487-4314.

Follow the onscreen instructions to create an online profile and to schedule your recurring contributions.




2018 Annual Catholic Appeal

This weekend the Diocese of San Diego launches the ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL (ACA) for 2018.  As you know from years past, the ACA is vital to the continued mission and ministry of the Catholic Church in San Diego and Imperial Counties and really depends on the pride of our people as Catholics in their generous response to meet our needs.  The ACA certainly doesn’t provide everything the diocese needs to operate but it does offer that extra push needed to pay the needed bills for better service to our people.  Sharing God’s Gifts reminds us that we have all been blessed by the Lord in so many ways and it really is important for us to return to Him a portion of what we have been given.  If we consider ourselves proud of our Catholic Faith and are willing to take up the mission given to us by Jesus to go into the world and preach the Good News then we should all be willing not only to provide fair support of our parish by our monthly or weekly donation but by supporting the ACA.  Our nation of origin, language or culture is irrelevant when the missionary work of the Church is concerned, and that missionary work begins right here at home in our Diocese of San Diego because we are ALL involved!  The ACA supports so many worthy projects: Catholic Education, Catholic Charities, Seminarian support, Continuing Education of the clergy, Support for our Retired Priests, Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Prison Ministry and much more.  Our parish assessment this year is $108,000.  YIKES!  That’s a lot!  In fact, it’s the third highest in the diocese but there’s no reason that we cannot reach our assessment if every single member of our parish contributes what he/she can to the success of the ACA.  As your pastor I am right in this with you.  I have already pledged and paid my contribution of $750.  Will you join me?  If you can match me, great!  If you can give more, wonderful!  If you can’t reach that high it’s ok.  All we are asked is just to contribute what we are able so that the hands, the feet, the face of Jesus can be seen in the Diocese of San Diego.

Msgr. Dennis L. Mikulanis

To make your ACA donation, please click here.

Remember Your Parish In Your Will

The work our parish accomplishes continues through the thoughtfulness of our parishioners who remember us in their bequests and wills.  Bequests should be listed as a beneficiary. “Pastor of San Rafael Parish of San Diego. A Corporation Sole.  Federal ID #27-3859305.”  Long after a faithful Christian has departed this life, that person’s name and generosity can be continued through the religious education program, outreach to the poor, building maintenance fund, youth ministry or any number of other worthy parish causes by remembering San Rafael Parish in the individual’s will or trust.  This would truly be a lasting legacy for anyone!

Stock Donations

A gift of your securities, including stocks or mutual funds, is an easy way to make a gift.  By making a gift of your appreciated securities, you can avoid paying capital gains tax that would otherwise be due if you sold these assets.  Contributions are deductible for tax purposes.  There are no transaction fee or other costs and the full value of the sold securities benefits San Rafael Parish.

More importantly, the question you may want to consider is this:  Have I been blessed with many gifts and am I inspired by Gospel teaching and my Catholic values that charitable giving is a profound and joy-inspiring expression of love and gratitude?  How can I love out my Catholic values and put them into action for the greater good of the community?  Your stock contribution will help you live our your Catholic values and benefit your parish at the same time.

For more information on making a gift please visit our diocesan website at  Or, you may contact the Office for Stewardship, Manny Aguilar, at (858)490-8294 or call Merrill Lynch, the Diocese’s broker, at (800)844-0720.

Sponsor Youth Leadership

Our youth leaders are the hands and feet of the San Rafael’s Youth Ministry Program and one of our greatest blessings.  These Confirmed high school youth answer God’s call to give back to our parish community by becoming peer leaders.  They devote their time to witnessing Christ to their peers through relational ministry, weekly Confirmation classes, planning and hosting retreats, events, prayer nights, and a multitude of service and social opportunities.  Your sponsorship will help to empower and support our youth in their efforts to spread the Good News. Your donation will go directly to support San Rafael’s Youth Leadership Team in their leadership training, retreats, and various events throughout the year.

For more information and to become a sponsor of Youth Leadership click here.